Welcome to St. Louis Native Plants!  We are a landscape consulting and design company that works with only native plants in an effort to have a positive impact on our environment through thoughtful planning and designing, picking the appropriate plant to match site conditions, to assist clients with tougher growing areas of their yard (bad drainage, poor soil, etc.), and to help attract more beneficial wildlife, therefore vibrance, to our clients’ yards.

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This site was created to provide helpful information and resources about plants that are native to St. Louis, MO as well as to offer services to those who are looking for help regarding use of more native plants in their home landscapes.

What is a native plant?  A native plant is a plant that has evolved over time to thrive in a specific place within a specific climate and soil condition and should naturally occur in that given place.  This is much more difficult to see represented since we’ve tremendously altered our environmental surroundings with construction/building, paving, and use of ornamentals and turf grass in our yards.  For example, much of our natural landscape in Missouri used to be composed of tallgrass prairies, but most of these have been cleared for the purposes of farming and building.  Visit our ‘Native Plant Resources’ page for more information on native plants and places to see them in action.

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